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Humanists of the Year

Past  Humanist of the Year honorees:

2014 Dr. James O’Connel Service in delivering healthcare to homeless people in Boston
2013 Frances Moore Lappé  Activism against global poverty and hunger
2012 Fr. Walter Cuenin Speaking out on behalf of his parishioners
2011 Stanley Hoffman Ethics in International Relations
2010 Barry Bluestone Public Policy and Local Communities
2009 Pam Wilmot Common Cause of Massachusetts
2008 Dr.Jerome Kassirer Defending Medicine against Industry Corruption
2007 W.Michael Hoffman Founded the Center for Business Ethics at Bentley College
2006 Joe Bergantino Courageous Investigative Reporting ain Broadcast Journalism
2005 Dr. Marcia Angell Promoting Medical Ethics and Single Payer Health Care
2004 Jean McGuire METCO; Working for Equal Education Opportunities
2003 Prof.George Annas Principles of Ethics in Medical Care
2002 Dr. Joseph Gerstein Uncovered unscrupulous behavior in drug pricing
2001 Doris Haddock Walked across America for Clean Elections
2000 Nikki Nichols Gamble Defending Reproductive Choice for Women
1999 Dr. David Kern Integrity in Medical Research
1998 Anna Bissonette Homes for the Elderly and Ill; Homes for the Unwanted
1997 Drs. David Himmelstein & Stephanie Woolhandler Quality health care for all and professional freedom for doctors
1996 Rev. Bruce Wall To end children killing children ; Founder of Drop a Dime
1995 Margo Stern Strom Founder of Facing History and Ourselves F
1994 Jon Holmes Drug Policy Reform
1993 Jane Alexander Working with Homeless Women
1992 Dr. Margot O’Toole Maintaining Truthfulness as the Standard for Scientific Reserch
1991 Jim Braude Educating th ePublic about Just Taxation
1990 Stewart Guernsey Homes for the Homeless
1989 Larry Kessler Founder of the AIDS Action Committee
1988 Peggy Charren Founder of Action for Children’s Television
1987 Dr. Jonathan Fine Supporting the Silent and Oppressed
1986 Senator Jack Backman The Voice of Human Concern in the State Legislature
1985 Judge Paul Garrity The Power of the Court Used to Improve Public Housing and Environment
1984 Lewis H. Spence Housing Administration Based on Human Values and Dignity
1983 Barbara Ferrer & Carol Johnson Work for the Homeless
1982 Joshua Rubenstein & N.E. Amnesty International Work against Torture and for Saving Prisoners of Conscience
1981 Fr. Robert Drinan A Life of Public Service
1980 Dr.Helen Caldicott Educating the Public about Nuclear Madness
1979 Gerard O’Neil Boston Globe Spotlight Team
1977 Congressman Michael Harrington CIA Disclorsures
1976 Louise Bruyn Walk for Peace to Washington, D.C.
1975 Elma Lewis The Joy of Artistic and Cultural Expression
1974 John Boone Prison Reform

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