Weddings | Boston Ethical Community


The Ethical Society specializes in creative, customized, non-denominational wedding ceremonies for couples of mixed religious backgrounds, no particular religious connection, or others who want a nontraditional, humanistic ceremony.

Values are the foundation of an Ethical Culture wedding ceremony: respect for the worth and uniqueness of each person and the importance of making and keeping commitments are two key values that an Ethical Culture ceremony stresses.

Commitment ceremonies (services of union) are also available for gay or lesbian couples living in states where gay marriage is not legal.

Our officiant is also available for funerals, memorial services, recommitment ceremonies, and baby namings or baby welcomings.

Call or email us to arrange to meet with our officiant, Katrina Scott. She will work with you to plan a ceremony of your choosing. For more information, please contact:

Katrina Scott
(617) 965-3067