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Upcoming Sunday lecture series events

January 11: Kerry Emanuel, “What We Know About Global Warming”

Kerry Emanuel ImageKerry Emanuel is Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A recognized authority on meteorology and climate change, he is both a political conservative and a harsh critic of those who deny the urgency of the global climate change crisis.

Professor Emanuel will address the scientific basis for concern about global warming and talk about why the issue remains controversial outside of the scientific arena.

January 18: Evan Falchuk, “Breaking the Two-Party Lock on Politics: The United Independent Party”

Evan FalchukEvan Falchuk is the founder of the .  As a candidate in the November 2014 gubernatorial election, he  surpassed the three percent threshold required by state law for the United Independent Party to earn official status in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This milestone means the United Independent Party – dedicated to a greater diversity of modern, progressive ideas combined with fiscally sane solutions – is taking its place alongside the Democratic and Republican parties in Massachusetts. Continue reading

January 25: Robert Hildreth, “Financial Aid That Won’t Make You Broke: Can Low-Income Families Save Enough for College?”

Robert HildrethRobert Hildreth is Founder and Executive Director of .

Following a career in finance, Bob Hildreth created a matched savings program that encouraged low-income families to save toward higher education. This idea became the basis for FUEL Education, which has helped the families of more than 700 students from Boston, Chelsea, and Lynn save more than $600,000 toward their education. In his talk, Bob will discuss how a national savings program could help stimulate savings for college among lower income populations and ultimately make it possible for more families to send the children to college without the burden of crippling student debt.