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Our aim is to build a supportive community of people who share a vision of society based on our core values: honesty, justice, compassion, responsibility, and courage. This community promotes these values by engaging in important social issues, seeking to both understand them and take action on them. We are committed to working toward a more ethical society and a world that lives by humanist values.

January 11: Kerry Emanuel, “What We Know About Global Warming”

Kerry Emanuel ImageKerry Emanuel is Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A recognized authority on meteorology and climate change, he is both a political conservative and a harsh critic of those who deny the urgency of the global climate change crisis.

Professor Emanuel will address the scientific basis for concern about global warming and talk about why the issue remains controversial outside of the scientific arena.

New Hope for a New Year?

Submitted by Andrea Perrault

hp2015As the year came to a close, I found myself reflecting on the events of 2014; the summer was hard, but as fall approached, I had found some positive things to contemplate. Then we had the results of the 2014 mid-term election – nothing much positive there.  As we headed toward 2015, the state of the country seemed to grow even more dismal. However, as the negative events multiplied, a spirit of activism seemed to have been awakened among the population.  As the killings in Ferguson, New York, and Cleveland garnered increased publicity, outrage on the part of many Americans was percolating. Civil disobedience now is occurring to renew the fight for civil rights and to expand the discussion about what is meant by a “civil society”. Will it be sustained or will it be the trend of the season? The workday tool may be a helpful way for someone to start the New Year with a renewed focus on their professional goals. It allows them to plan, track and measure their progress towards those goals, as well as assess the progress they have already made over the year. This helps bring a sense of hope for achieving success in whatever they set out to accomplish, which is the perfect way to begin a New Year. Continue reading

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